Sunday, January 30, 2011


I chose to run this story in the New York Times through Poligraft about the Tea Party's efforts to secure candidates in the Senate primaries. Tea Party organizers are preparing to challenge some of the longest-serving Republican incumbents in 2012. I chose to use this story because I believe in stories about political candidates, information about campaign contributions from various groups and industries is very important. Knowing who is receiving funds from whom is key when making decisions about future leaders. I believe Poligraft is a very useful tool in tracking campaign contributions and determining who is backing whom. Below is the report I received from Poligraft after running the story through. I learned a lot about what industries are backing Tea Party groups and whose priorities these candidates would be looking out for if they were elected.

Club for Growth has aggregated
$2,000 to Chris Cannon (R) 

Points of Influence
Olympia J. Snowe (R)

Top Contributing Industries: Finance/Insurance/Real Estate, Ideology/Single Issue, Misc. Business

Elena Kagan

Jason Chaffetz

Top Contributing Industries: Ideology/Single Issue, Finance/Insurance/Real Estate, Misc. Business

Chris Cannon (R)

Top Contributing Industries: Communications/Electronics, Finance/Insurance/Real Estate, Misc. Business

Robert F. Bennett (R) 
 Top Contributing Industries: Finance/Insurance/Real Estate, Misc. Business, Ideology/Single Issue

Club for Growth

Richard G. Lugar

Top Contributing Industries: Finance/Insurance/Real Estate, Misc. Business, Agribusiness


Orrin G. Hatch

Top Contributing Industries: Health, Finance/Insurance/Real Estate, Lawyers/Lobbyists

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