Saturday, April 16, 2011


The two websites I submitted into ://URLFAN were The New York Times website, my favorite news site, and The Onion, my favorite “fun” site.
The Times placed eighth out of 3,783,534 websites. It was mentioned in 51,877 unique feeds and 337,604 posts. Bloggers mention on average every two hours. It listed three sites as more popular than Myspace (No. 7), Google (No. 6) and Facebook (No. 5). It didn’t really surprise me at all that these websites outranked The Times. The website’s ranking was exactly what I expected it to be. I just hope it stays that high after installing its paywall.
The Onion ranked No. 90. It was mentioned in 8,855 unique feeds and 20,567 posts, being mentioned by bloggers an average of every 15 hours. I think this is one website that will grow in the future. They’re quite hilarious and they do a great deal of video and multimedia.

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